A label

Our school has earned an A Label from the State Board of Education. To say that I am proud is an understatement! I hope that you also feel a deep sense of pride, our success is made possible by our collective effort! 

Many of us, myself included, have our children intentionally attend Vail schools because of the quality education that we have come to know and expect. 

I want to pause and truly acknowledge the significant concerted effort that goes into making an A school possible.  

Our Cottonwood Community of students, staff, and parents held the rutter of our ship steady during one of the most challenging times in educational history and as a district, we produced the highest number of A schools in the history of A-F labels. 

We recently asked our leadership team, what makes an A school possible, and here is what they said:

What do you notice? I notice that it does not say testing or test scores. While that is part of our success story it pales in comparison to the more significant work of our strong foundation of relationships, high expectations, and our collective community effort to prioritize excellent educational opportunities for the children in our community. 

What we do matters, it works, and our collective efforts have produced a big WIN! I am SO PROUD to be a Cottonwood Coyote! 

Mrs. Bates and Mrs. Valverde