How to videos for Schoology

How to Video Conference

How to Use a Chromebook and get to Schoology

How to find the Remote Learning from a Personal Device

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Having some trouble with Schoology? Try this:

My child can’t log in… This can be a common problem, but the majority of time, the solution is fairly easy! First, make sure that your child is going to the correct web site. Students should be logging in at

I’m already going there and they STILL can’t log in!

No worries! This typically happens because there’s already someone logged in to Google on that device. There are a couple of ways that we can fix this. The first is to make sure everyone is logged out of Google.

  • Open up your web browser and head to
  • Once there, look in the top right hand corner of the screen. Does it say Sign In or does it have an account picture?

It already says “Sign In”

If your child is going to already, it should ask them to log in with their Google Account. Make sure they’re using the correct username and password.

All Vail Students have an e-mail address associated with their Schoology login that serves as their username. Typically the student’s email is their last name, first initial and a number, followed by (

Their password is their student number (for most students it’s also their lunch number) followed by a dash (-) and then followed by letters and/or numbers. (ex: 333111-B5). Passwords are case sensitive, so make sure to put capitals and lowercase letters where you see them.

My child doesn’t know Their username and password

No worries. We can help you with that. You can call or e-mail Mrs. McClain ( 520-879-2602), Mrs. Warren ( 520-879-2603) in the front office or you can contact Mrs. Gunderson (520-879-2707 in the Media Center. If you have to leave a message, please leave your e-mail address in addition to your phone number, along with your name and the name of your child.

I don’t have a parent account It’s super easy to get a parent account for Schoology! We’ve created a very short (5 minute) video that will walk you through the process of finding the information that you need and creating an account. You can find that video here:

I can’t remember my Schoology Password No problem. We can’t reset your password for you, but Schoology makes it easy to do so. Head to this web page: and click the Forgot your password link. A few short questions will have you logging in in no time!