Remediation at Cottonwood

Headsprout: Headsprout is an electronic reading program that is designed as an intervention for students who are struggling to use letter-to-sound correspondence to sound out words.  This intervention teaches students to break apart and manipulate the sounds in words to be able to blend them together, forming new words.  This daily program is designed for 1st and 2nd graders and focuses on Phonemic Awareness and Phonics, and is just the ticket to helping our struggling readers learn to read!

Title 1 Reading Program:  Title 1 is a federally mandated reading program that offers additional reading support to students in need. At CWE, we use our STEEP screening results to determine which students are in need of a reading intervention. Our fabulous Title teachers collaborate with grade level teachers to plan lessons that build upon what students are already learning in the classroom, while incorporating reading strategies to help students become fluent readers.

Intersession: Intersession is a remedial opportunity for students to attend during Fall or Spring break when in need of more instruction on that quarter’s standards in the areas of Math and Reading.  Students selected can participate in 4 full, six-hour days of direct instruction and project based learning activities that directly correlate to the standards they are not yet proficient at. Teachers use benchmark and formative data from that quarter to identify students who are in need of this opportunity. Upon completion of this coursework, students will retest on needed standards from their benchmark to demonstrate their growth on each individual standard.