Parent-Teacher-Student Association (PTSA)

Cottonwood is grateful for it’s supportive Parent-Teacher-Student Association (PTSA). Member of the PTSA are actively involved in our school.  They help organize school-wide projects, organize family and community functions, and raise funds for additional items needed by the school. They bring activities to supplement our regular curriculum and offer programs of interest to families. They are a most welcome an appreciated part of our community!

Belonging to the Cottonwood PTSA allows you to vote on issues and grants and to attend seminars and classes sponsored by PTSA.  Everyone is welcome to attend the monthly PTSA Board meetings.  

Meet the PPTSA Board

President, Meridy Twilling
Vice President, Sarah Adams-Boatman
Treasurer, Elizabeth Thiebes
Secretary, Heidy Willmes

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Mission Statement:

-A powerful voice for all children

-A relevant resource for families and communities, and

-A strong advocate for the education and well-being of every child.

Why Join the PTSA?

Be in the Know. PTSA helps you keep up with what is happening in your school and how you can support your child’s education.

Build Relationships. PTSA connects you to other families through meetings, events, and communications, and helps build a sense of community.

Speak Up. PTSA can help you effectively suggest changes at your child’s school and in your community.

Hone Your Skills. PTSA offers opportunities for you to expand your skills and talents to benefit children and the school.