Data Collections in Vail

Here are a few of the great things we do to ensure our students are meeting the mark!
Spring Math: We provide daily practice on skills that students should become fluent in at their grade level (which means they are both fast and accurate at solving).  Some examples of these skills are addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts. This practice begins in kindergarten!
Formative:  This is a 5 question assessment that is given to our students after they’ve learned a new standard. The purpose of this assessment is to help give both the student and the teacher and idea of how close the student is to meeting mastery.  It is used to guide our instruction and ensure that reteach/enrich is provided at the student’s individual need.  1st-5th grade participate in formatives.
Benchmark Testing:  This is an assessment that is a culmination of all of the standards taught throughout the quarter. There are 5 questions per standard.  For our 3rd-5th graders, we make sure to model the process and procedures after AzMERIT so we can best prepare our them for end of the year exam. In the areas of Writing, Math, and ELA, this practice is for 2nd-5th graders.  (Kinder and 1st take a writing benchmark.)
Letter Sound Fluency (LSF):  In Kindergarten, learning the letter sounds is hard work! We monitor our student’s growth and success with this task by doing a 1 minute screening monthly.  This tells the student and the teacher, of letters the student already knows, and also which letters to focus on.
Word Identification Fluency (WIF):  In 1st grade, our students are learning site words and applying them to their reading skills. They are learning to read! To help them with this, we monitor their growth and success with words by doing a 1 minute screening monthly.  This tells the student and the teacher, of the words the student already knows, and also which words to keep practicing.