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Grades K-5: 7:35-1:05 for Hybrid Learning
Remote Learning on Fridays

Half Day Schedule: 7:35-11:35

Unless students are involved in a before or after school program, they should not arrive at school before 7:15 AM and are expected to leave campus at 1:05 PM.  Supervision on the campus begins at 7:15 AM and ends at 1:15 PM. The breakfast program is available at 7:15 AM.


Position/Location Contact Person Phone Number
Main School Number 879-2600
School Fax 879-2601
Principal Sarah Bates 879-2604
Assistant to the Principal Linda Reusch 879-2606
Office Manager Dawn Ball 879-2605
Office Clerk Jacqueline McClain 879-2602
Attendance/Volunteer Coordinator Kayleigh Warren 879-2603
Health Aide Julie Bermont 879-2610
Cafeteria Aramark 879-2688
Community Programs Site Director Alexandrea Irizarry 879-2660